The Yellow Rose

The angels danced the day the sky was born,

They calle upon their friends the start, "rejoice with us, the sky

is born.."

But, no refrein was heard in reply, those start though many could

not be found. The angels thought for all their friends, in heavens

above and earth below.

"Where are our friends?" those angels cried. "Where have they

gone, where do they hide?" Without, within they search, till eyes

wied open they gazed in awe.

A single star was found


This star though one, was bright, she shone with all her might.

Sung in sweet refrain, the song of glory till stopping she cast her

gaze below.

A rose was seen, yellow, aglow. Shining more brightly that our

star up high, she opened her heart and burst forth her light.

"Rejoice with me, the sky is born."


by Stephen Hole, December 2003